The meaning of led is Emitting Diode lightit refers to luminous diode too. It is made of so many kinds of semiconductor component taping, there are two parts ,and it allows the electricity to pass unidirectionally only.

When the electricity gets through the luminous diode, the small light will shine, and this technology is used in field of video,and television.

There are so many kinds of led lighting, it is a such production that costs lower energy but the ray is stronger,so it does well in save of energy.

Comparing the normal lighting , led is so better than them.

And now you can see some of them in some electricity shops, but it is still mysterious to us, so comparing the normal lighting ,what’s the advantage of it?

When you compare the traditional light with led lighting , you will find that led lighting will save 75% energy than the traditional lighting.

As the life of working, led will be 25 times longer than the traditional one.

According to the statement of America energy committee, led lighting has the stronger energy efficiency than traditional lighting ,because comparing to the disadvantage of short-time working life, led has the clearly advantage.

The reason is that, comparing the traditional one ,led lighting shines as a regulation direction, so it won’t make so much heat, opposite, the tradition lighting waste 80% or 90% of energy on heat-making.