The best led lighting in Saudi Arabia.

There are so many kinds of led lighting, you can choose the suitable one according to your taste, but ,before you buy some thing , you should know some knowledge of lighting -choosing.

When you get the market , maybe you will choose the lighting according the habit of you that make the wattage as the standard of shining. But it is wrong, because the wattage is not the ability of shining, but the ability of energy-costing.

As to the normal lighting, there is some relation between the shining ability with wattage,but oppositely, led isn’t. when you compare the two kinds of lighting, the ray of 8or 12 wattage led lighting maybe the same as the 60 wattage normal one.

Led lighting doesn’t waste much energy, the standard of led lighting should be lumen, you can find it on the packaging of it.

Fc is the best led company in market of Saudi.

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Fc is the best company of lighting in Saudi Arabia.